Diabetes Management

During an initial 1 and a half hour visit with Dr. Oxbro patients will learn how simple changes can improve the management of their diabetes. Fact is Diabetes is preventable and reversible. Presently only 47% of patients have a blood sugar level within the medically established target range, despite being on medication. The key concepts in the prevention and management of diabetes are quite simple – diet and exercise. Diabetics who change their lifestyle while remaining medically supervised have a 58% reduction in the rate of diabetes. Medical research has also identified safe and effective alternative treatment for blood sugar regulation and diabetes control. Therefore in order to manage diabetes patients will learn about the following:

  • What to eat and what not to eat – correct protein/fat/carb ratios are key in the management of diabetes
  • Exercise and weight loss techniques for the management of diabetes
  • How to improve your medication’s effectiveness and/or reduce reliance on medication
  • Which botanicals, vitamins and nutraceuticals are effective for lowering blood glucose levels