About us

Located in the Richleau Courtyard between Brock St. and Princess. Adjacent to Chez Piggy, Toucan, and Le Chien Noir. You can access the clinic from either Brock St. through the tunnel beside Le Chien Noir or down the walkway from Princess St. beside The Toucan.

From the 401 – take the Kingston – Montreal St. exit, follow it south to downtown. Turn left on Princess St. until King St. Turn right on King and then an immediate right on Brock St. You will see the clinic on this block (between King St. and Wellington) on the east side.

Parking is available half-a-block north of the clinic on the east corner of Wellington and Brock in a parking garage. The hourly rate is $1.50.

Our Mission

At Nova Health Naturopathic clinic our Mission is to work with patients as well as other health care providers in confidence to do the following:

  • Promote health through diagnosis of disease and use of Naturopathic treatment modalities
  • Educate patients and increase awareness in the community about health promotion and disease prevention
  • Support integration of medical services between various health care providers
  • Offer valuable health care services that are presently not available in the Kingston Area

How we serve you

The Nova Health Naturopathic Centre offers a slew of services and practices you can rely on to better your long term health. Overseeing our clients health is paramount to our success and achieving our mission so we utilize a wide range of education and experience for this. We ensure that all medical areas are covered and that treatment is available in several forms depending on several factors. Consultation with your M.D. is possible with any treatment program setup at Nova Health Naturopathic Centre.

Dr. Kimberly Oxbro BSc, MSc, ND

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine - Masters in Pharmacology

Dr Kimberly Oxbro

Dr. Oxbro completed her undergraduate science degree in Biology and Psychology at Trent University and then completed a Masters of Science Degree in Pharmacology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Upon completion of her Masters degree, Dr. Oxbro entered the 4-year Naturopathic Medical Program, obtaining her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine upon graduation in 2008.

Through these studies, Dr. Oxbro gained an appreciation for the importance of conventional medical interventions in the management of disease(s), but also developed a greater insight into the role of scientifically studied and ‘evidence-based’ alternative treatment options. These alternative treatments can be equivalent to and safer than pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.

With her combination of degrees in Pharmacology and Naturopathic Medicine, patients on pharmaceutical medications can take comfort in knowing that Dr. Oxbro is well educated in the interactions between pharmaceutical medications and natural medications. Dr. Oxbro believes that diet and lifestyle are the foundations of health. Her areas of expertise include weight loss and diabetes, intravenous therapy for Lyme disease, heart disease, infections, fibromyalgia and the removal of heavy metals.

She also has a special interest in cancer and offers treatment and prevention through diet and lifestyle changes, as well as intravenous therapy.

Diet, acupuncture and a variety of natural medications, administered orally and intravenously, are utilized to prevent and treat a wide-variety of conditions including: pain, heart disease, digestive concerns and woman's health. With her combined research skills and knowledge of both conventional and natural medical sciences Dr. Oxbro is committed to helping her patients utilize the most appropriate treatments from all modalities of medicine to ensure the best care possible.

Dr. Oxbro is licensed and registered with the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy –Naturopathy (BDDT-n) and is a member of both the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND) and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND). Dr. Oxbro believes that you as an individual are responsible for your health, and is available by appointment to help you maintain or improve your health through preventative medicine.

Anna Rider, BScN, RN(EC), NP-PHC

Integrative Health Nurse Practitioner and Founder of Flourish Healthcare

Anna Rider

Anna Rider is a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner in the province of Ontario. She graduated from the University of Toronto as a NP (nurse practitioner) in 1999 and from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1994. She has acute care paediatric nursing experience working in multi organ transplant, nephrology and other specialties at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Anna has worked in primary care with all ages and settings including student health, immigrant/refugee health, rural family medicine, RMC/CFB healthcare services, community health centres, family health teams and seniors primary care. She has provided prenatal to end of life care.

Anna has taught in the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner programme at Queen’s University and has mentored and supervised many NP students in their clinical rotations in their Masters programmes. Anna has been a Clinical Consultant to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in the Interdisciplinary Health Practitioner Programme.

Anna completed certification with the Institute for Hormonal Health and is an IHH Practitioner providing hormonal health using an integrative medicine approach. Anna continually takes courses to advance her knowledge in integrative/functional medicine, and has studied with The American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine and Medical Metabolic Institute (A4M and MMI).

Nurse Practitioners in Ontario are authorized to diagnose, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and prescribe medication and other treatment.

Ella Simone, R.Ac

Registered Acupuncturist and Flower Essence Therapist, and Founder of Flora Shen

Ella Simone

Ella has always had a deep and profound curiosity in the healing arts. Having experienced increased wellness through alternative medicines, she became personally aware of the true healing that can come from modalities focused on robust health over the simple absence of disease. After experiencing the profound impact that acupuncture had in her own life, Ella knew that pursuing this field professionally was her path.

​Ella earned her Diploma of Acupuncture in 2022, and continues to refine her education in Chinese Medicine through training programs focused on the Five Element traditions and treating the psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of dis-ease. She approaches treatment of physical manifestations of imbalances with an understanding of the inner dynamics that lie at their root.

​In addition to acupuncture, Ella has a background in flower essence therapy. Her experience practicing in this field helps to further enrich her understanding of the spiritual inner dynamics of a patients experience by supporting the body's natural inclination to move towards peace and harmony.