Thermography and You

Your health is the
most important asset
you have.

Everyone needs to be an advocate of their own health. Taking hold of your own health issues is not only responsible, but necessary in today’s society. It is the first step to a lifetime of wellness, not only because you want to know, but because you need to know.

What is Thermography?

Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging (DITI), commonly known as thermography, is a clinical imaging technique which uses heat to objectively show your body’s response to pain and dysfunction. It provides a clear picture of your physiology, whether it is acute pain from injury, or chronic inflammation. This leading edge imaging technique is medically acceptable technology around the world, and HealthSCAN has now brought the approved cameras to Canada.

Thermography is one of the best early screening tools for breast tissue abnormalities

It is a harsh reality that one in eight women will develop some form of breast disease. We believe that early detection is the key to maintaining good breast health. Thermography provides one of the best early screening tools; this technology has the ability to detect the presence of abnormal physiology in the breast in the early stages of development. It does not replace a mammogram, but offers an additional screening tool, and a viable option for women who should not be exposed to radiation, are under 40, have dense breasts, have had surgery or have breast implants.

What HealthSCAN offers

Our certified technicians provide this service to help you visualize pain which traditional methods may have unable to locate, and to detect abnormalities before they become a serious threat to your health.

  • We offer breast, full body, area of interest scans and more;
  • Your insurance company may already cover this clinical imaging service;
  • The process is non-invasive, and no radiation is involved;
  • Scanning takes 45 minutes for a full body scan, 20 minutes for breast scan;
  • All scans are reviewed by doctors who are U.S. Board Certified MD Thermologists;
  • Printed reports are ready within 10 business days and kept confidential;
  • Your practitioner will review your report with you, identifying any areas which you should address along your health journey.
    A $150 deposit is required to ensure you have a spot.
    Breast30 Minutes
    Full Body45 Minutes
    Women's/Men's Wellness45 Minutes
    Areas of Interest30 Minutes
    A $150.00 deposit is required to ensure your spot.