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Standard medical training is combined with a broad range of natural therapies to get at the "root" cause of disease and help patients to achieve optimal health.We fully assess the whole person, including physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Treatments are individualized for each patient and may include the following:



Nutritional deficiencies and intolerances have been associated with numerous medical conditions. Dietary modification, using specific foods for their healing properties, and nutritional supplementation can improve health concerns. Food allergies and sensitivities are also assessed via blood work. These foods can be eliminated from the patients diet, greatly improving health.

Botanical Medicine:

Plants and plant extracts have been used throughout history to treat disease. Today, clinical research continues to prove the effectiveness of herbal medicine in disease treatment. NDs are the only health care providers licensed to practice botanical medicine in Canada.


Lifestyle Counseling:

Not only are NDs are trained to counsel patients on topics such as diet and exercise, they also counsel patients for stress management and behaviour modification to help patients achieve their health goals. 

Acupuncture / Auricular Acupuncture

The application of medical acupuncture is a "painless", precise peripheral nerve stimulation technique based on modern biomedical science and anatomy. It is highly effective in a wide range of clinical applications from acute/chronic pain to musculoskeletal injuries, anxiety, insomnia, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, smoking cessation, and much more. Electroacupuncture, heat therapy, and auricular acupuncture techniques are also employed.

 Physical Medicine:

This type of medicine offered by NDs includes manipulation and adjustments of the spine and other joints for relief of back pain, carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, and posture correction. NDs also offer soft tissue massage and hydrotherapy for acute and chronic muscle injuries, and exercise therapy to retrain muscles and strengthen joints.


There is an on-site dispensary where vitamins, minerals, amino acids, botanical medicines prescribed by Dr. Oxbro are available.

The dispensary includes only professional lines: Cytomatrix, Douglas Labs, Thorne Research, and Medi Herb.

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