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Cancer Therapy

Naturopathic Medicine can treat and/or assist in the treatment of cancer in several ways:
Optimizing nutrition - Specific diets can be prescribed for before, during, and after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
Decreasing and eliminating side effects of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy
Supporting the immune system
Improve overall health to prevent cancer re-occurrence

NDs obtain these results by providing specific diets for cancer type, stage of cancer, and type of treatment. Neutraceuticals, botanical medicine, acupuncture, injection therapy of Iscador, intravenous therapy are also used to attain these results.

The importance of working with your team of health care providers is paramount. Referrals and communication with other health care professionals is a focus to provide optimal health care.


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

apple with needlesMedical acupuncture is a biomedical approach to traditional acupuncture that is based on current concepts of neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and pathophysiology. Medical acupuncture patients undergo a thorough medical interview and physical examination by Dr. Kimberly Oxbro, ND, CAHP or Dr. Troy Neufeld, MD, CAHP. Treatments will be integrative in nature and will address the patient as a collective whole (mind, body, and spirit).  

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