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Butter is Better

We know butter is better! So happy everyone else is catching up and ditching the margarine (what is that stuff anyways?!).

Go butter go!!

Read about it  here

We also like this one from the Westen A. Price Foundation. 


Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer

Intravenous vitamin C is an effective and well-established cancer therapy that has demonstrated effectiveness in treating cancer for decades, despite being dismissed by some medical experts.  As indicated by many studies, this therapy prolongs survival, improves quality of life, and reduces adverse effects of conventional cancer treatment (Integrative Cancer Therapies, 2004; 3:294-300). 


Naturopathic Medicine Options for Autism

Summary of Bio-medical Treatment

This summary follows the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) philosophy.  It involves treating the underlying causes of the symptoms of autism and emphasizes nutritional interventions. It is based on scientific research, medical testing, and clinical experience.

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