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CTV news video - Lyme Disease

Wake up Health Canada. Ticks don't carry passports...they cross country borders and it is time Canadians had access to health care for a Disease that obviously is not restricted to the US. 

The limited testing here in Canada means people are being misdiagnosed and going without treatment for years. In this case, a young boy has suffered for most of his young life because our health care system is ignorant in this regard.

His family is forced to seek treatment in the US which will be a financial challenge to say the least. 

How is this acceptable? Watch the video from CTV news here. 

Want proper testing for Lyme Disease? Nova Health can help! Call or email for infomation. 


Are you " Regular"?

Are you "regular"? You friend goes twice a day, the other 3 times a week and you once a who is the regular one? When it comes to your bowels, regularity depends on the person. 

More importantly quality of the movement should be looked at above quantity. Your poops says a lot about what's going on in there. So start paying attention to your may be trying to warn you! Check out this great article here about your bowel health. 



Naturopathic Visits now Tax Free!

Great News! All naturopathic visits (excluding treatments and supplements) provided by Dr.Oxbro are now tax free thanks to the federal government's decisions to exempt services provided by ND's from taxes!! Yay!! 

Here is some more information on that ruling:

"The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) applauds the federal government for exempting GST/HST on services provided by naturopathic doctors, as announced in today's federal budget. The move will provide greater access for patients seeking a proactive approach to their health care needs and those looking for an individualized, whole person approach to prevent and treat health issues.

"Naturopathic doctors are, indeed, primary healthcare providers. They integrate standard, medical diagnostics with a broad range of therapies", said Dr. Pat Wales, ND, Chair of the CAND.

Naturopathic doctors are regulated in five provinces and two are soon to follow. In British Columbia and Ontario, naturopathic doctors have prescribing authority. Naturopathic doctors can, and do, work together with other medical practitioners as part of a patient's overall health care team resulting in improved outcomes in some of the most chronic and costly areas of the healthcare system including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

"Patients want greater health care options, partnerships, and access tools that will empower them to become and remain healthy", added Shawn O'Reilly, Executive Director of the CAND. "Removing taxes on services provided by naturopathic doctors will not only help remove the barriers to such options for patients, it will help ensure our health care system stimulates the economy for future health care sustainability"

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