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Heal yourself!

A must see video of one doctors journey into better health after being diagnosed with MS. Dr. Terry Wahls was given a diagnosis of MS and told she'd have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. She radically transformed her diet, her outlook, and her approach to medical care and is now  wheel chair free. Here's how she healed herelf and what you can learn from her journey. 

 Watch Here!


We support our Local farmers!

Spring and summer in Kingston = Farmers Market. Fresh. Local. Delicious!

We support our local farmers and believe eating locally is better for your health and better for the community. 

Read this article by Chris Kresser on Why Local Trumps Organic for Nutrient Content.  

Where can you find Local food in Kingston?

The Kingston Public Market runs from April-November on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Get more information on vendors here.

On Sundays you can also find great selection at the Memorial Centre Farmers Market.

Now get out there and get some real food!



Shaking up the Salt Myth-The Dangers of Salt Restriction

Are you restricting salt (sodium) because your doctor told you it will cause heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes? That idea was started from a very misleading "study" in the 1970's. 

More recent studies with much more scientific evidence have proven that low-sodium diets can actually be dangerous and in turn contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes along with other problems.

The type of salt is important however. Processed table salt is lacking in valuable minerals and actually contains man made chemicals and should be avoided. By following a whole foods, Paleo diet, and eliminating processed foods, excess sodium in your diet will be reduced anyways. And when you crave salt, add unrefined natural salts like Pink Himalyan or Sea salt. 

Read more about why Salt is not the enemy

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